Welcome To Detroit…You’ll Be Happy You Came!


As this is my inaugural post, both on Re: Detroit and on any other blog, I will begin by giving a blueprint of what readers can expect to find on Re: Detroit and why I feel the need to throw my two cents into the now over saturated blogosphere arena.

Detroit, as the word hits your eyes it is certain that many images begin to flow though your mind.  Depending upon who you are it may be images of cars or coney dogs, music or murder, Hudsons or Hockeytown, riots or revitalization.  The City and its metropolitan area are many things to many people.  Historically there has been a rift between how those people view how Detroit became what it is today or where it should go in the future.  However, very few people could disagree, without sounding unreasonable, that Detroit has had one of the most dynamic and storied histories of any American city since our young nation was born.  Detroit’s impact on the history of America and the world cannot be reasonably called into question.County Building

From a French frontier post to the industrial force behind the liberation of France during WWII.  From formidable economic powerhouse at the forefront of innovation and culture to a forgotten relic of an era left only in our memories.  From example of all things wrong with urban America to… maybe, an example of all things possible in urban renewal.

While we can all agree on the impact Motown sound and Motor City might had on American Culture in the 20th Century, it is less clear whether Detroit will be around to make a similar impact on future cultural waves in renewable energy or movie production (although it has been promised that both are on the way).

This blog is intended to provide a point of focus for all things Detroit.  It is intended to be a platform for discussion about topics at the forefront of politics (I’ll try not to mention Kilpatrick), urban social issues, entertainment, connectivity and sustainability, professional development, urban redevelopment and any other issue that touches the Metropolitan Detroit area and the Detroiters that call it home, used to call it home, or are considering calling it home.


I have been told that there are two kinds of blogs: informative essay style blogs that provide a more academic approach to conveying information, and the journal style blogs that provide a more casual, “You’ll never guess what happened to me today!” approach.  This blog, although ultimately a hybrid of the two approaches will lean significantly toward the first of the two styles.  The only aspect of the blog I intend on being on the more casual side is that most of the posts will contain a large serving of opinion and personal comment (surprise).


I am a native son of the Metropolitan Detroit area.  I lived in a cookie cutter suburb but grew up in the homes of family in neighborhoods on Detroit’s Southwest side.  After high school I spent many summers in world class cities visiting family in Europe and I spent my school year working toward degrees in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Detroit Mercy (Detroit’s Jesuit university).  Then, like so many Detroiter from my generation, I left Detroit for Chicago to obtain a law degree from Loyola University Chicago (Chicago’s Jesuit university).  Following law school I did what many Detroit expatriates do, I came back.  Despite my friends questioning my sanity, I returned to the City I have always considered home because of the loyalty it deserves, the pride it invokes, and the opportunity it presents.

I am all things Detroit.  Son within a blue-collar family.  Young-Professional in a new economy career.  Driven by the grittiness I learned from the City and lifted by the hope and promise I learned from its people.  Detroit, in my opinion, is high upon a tight rope.  To fall now would be disastrous.  We have the opportunity to focus ourselves and make our way safely to the other side.  Now is the time for that opportunity.  As a city, and as a region, those that call Detroit (Greater Detroit) home must focus and move one foot in front of the other until we make it safely to the other side.  I hope that through this blog I can help to encourage the focus, introduce ideas and facilitate discussions necessary to positively impact the latest chapter of Detroit’s history, the comeback.

New post will be added on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  I hope you enjoy the content and I look forward to the discussions that lie ahead.


~ by rmkasak on February 5, 2009.

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