Odds and Ends

One: More on Creatives

Ok, I promise I am not trying to beat this creative class issue to death. However, timing has just worked out that a Detroit News article published on March 13, 2009 does a great job reinforcing(in my mind anyway) the post I published “Got Creativity.” The article discusses how Detroit is attracting artistic talent from around the world because of its cheap property and other assets. Many of the artists interviewed in the article, who hail from as far away as Germany, indicate that being an artist in Detroit is not like being an artist in New York or Chicago or San Francisco. Detroit is open for a land rush by creatives. I certainly hope that Richard Florida is right! Here is a link to that article:


Two: Transit On Woodward and Big Beaver?

The M1-RAIL project, the planned mass transit line from Hart Plaza to New Center in Detroit, has received more than half the funding needed to push forward with its plans. The transit line is intended to provide an initial link for a regional transit system that will stretch out across the tri-county area. Here is a link to the Detroit Free Press article:


In other transit news the Troy-Birmingam transit center plans, which include street car service and other inter modal connections around the Birmingham Rail stop is moving along with an added sense of urgency as they attempt to capture a piece of the stimulus package pie. Here’s a link to an article discussing the latest in those plans:



Hart Plaza.jpeg

Three: Monica Conyers, Martha Reeves…GO TO HELL!!

I love Motown music, I just wish Motown artists would have stuck with the music rather than diving into politics. Martha Reeves continues her ranting and devisive rhetoric as she slams into Jay Leno for offering and organizing a FREE comedy show at the Palace to show his support to Detroit, the auto industry and those facing economic challenges in the area. Reeves is complaining that Leno says he is coming to Detroit when actually, he is coming to Auburn Hills…SHUT UP! Yet again the Detroit City Council is causing damage to the City’s image in the national media. Everyone, from the Associated Press to Yahoo news to MSNBC, has picked up on the antics of our Council.  What national or international developers, retailers, or other investors are going to deal with the kind of toxic sludge eminating from the likes of the council these days? My guess, not many!

On a related note, Monica Conyers called into the Valenti and Foster Show on 97.1 FM The Ticket radio show after they ripped into her and Reeves for the stupidity they display while sitting on Detroit Council. It is well worth a listen. She begins by calling Valenti and Foster racists (By the way Foster is balck). These two women just can’t seem to stop! You can find a link to the interview here:


Hey ladies ( I use that term loosely) we all rise and fall together! Black, White, Hispanic, Arab, Jewish, and everyone else. Suburb, City, Exurb, all together! Whether any of us likes it or not it is reality. We can deny that reality and continue to hamper our own well-being or we can work on finding solutions for the many problems that we face as a region.

Finally: Coming Soon…

In the coming weeks I will be commenting upon a select number of articles I have gathered pertaining to the “Rise and Fall” of American Cities. The articles are from one source and range from 1913 to 2009. My goal is to comment on the articles within the context of how we view our cities and their fate. More importantly I hope to provide some information on how these articles show that the fate of our City is not set in stone and that we do have the opportunity to flurish again. Stay tuned!


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