Nothing Lasts Forever Detroit

Nothing lasts forever Detroit.  This axiom of life carries both pain and promise for our city.  Nothing lasts forever.  The dominance of three auto industry giants, gone, evidence that nothing lasts forever.  The airwaves full of Motown sound…gone is the music, the label is long gone from Detroit, nothing lasts forever.  Tiger Stadium, nothing lasts forever.  All of these things are going or gone and with their departure comes pain for our region.  photo2
So many great things that did not last.  But that is only half the story. Nothing lasts forever, our economy will turn around. Our City will rebuild.  Nothing lasts forever, Kilpatrick and the shame and embarassment he brought to our City is now in the rearview.  The Lions will win, no loosing streak lasts forever.  Nothing lasts forever, eventually Conyers will be off the Council.  The auto industry will rebound and level out, with or without a majority of market share.  Nothing lasts forever, new development will come to Detroit, new residents will move in and our seemingly endless downward spiral will slow and then stop and then it will be back to climbing and growing and repairing. 
The truth of the statement, Nothing Lasts Forever, provides an origin and explanation for so many things that have been lost for us Detroiters over the past several decades.  The truth of the statement also provides the cornerstone of promise for our future.  Boblo, gone. Empty industrial riverfront, gone.  The promise of a burgening movie industry to replace the faltering auto industry, the ebb and flow of a City’s existence is governed by the simple truth that nothing lasts forever.  The Red Wings will be a loosing team again, and the Lions will be a winning team eventually.  The empty buildings will be filled and overgrown lots will be put to use once more.  Car sales will go up and iconic buildings will be torn down. 
Campus Martius FountainJust as the great things die out, the bad things too wither away.  As a region we must accept this reality and work toward those new beginnings rather than trying to keep the old guardians of prosperity from dying.   We will have a vibrant and safe city.  We will have pain and job loss and difficult times.  As we push ourselves each day, further into the highs and lows of living, we only need remember that good and bad alike, nothing lasts forever.

~ by rmkasak on June 5, 2009.

One Response to “Nothing Lasts Forever Detroit”

  1. Well it true nothing lasts forever but I will always be optimistic for a better tomorrow. CHANGE is a powerful word in todays society and its happening right now.

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