A Great Day For Metro Detroit

What a day for Metro Detroit.  Conyers is out, GE is in, and the Cobo Deal is back to the City Council for another try.  While the news is often filled with nothing but downers, the headlines today cannot help but make one stop and think that maybe Detroit does have a shot at a comeback.

Conyers Is Outta Here!

For far to long the City of Detroit has been subjected to the distorted rants of the incompetence that is Monica Conyers.  For far to long we have had to watch as she throws out “The Race Card” and otherwise creates division in our community.  For far to long we have had to stand by scratching our heads trying to make sense of the incoherent and illogical arguments and statements made by Conyers.  Today, with her guilty plea in U.S. District Court we can all sleep well knowing that Detroit is one step closer to recovery.  Just as an alcoholic recovering from a 30 year binge goes through one-step at a time, Detroit is moving closer to prosperity.

Good-Bye Conyers, Hello General Electric!

General Electric is set to announce that it is going to build a green technology facility in Van Buren Township that is projected to create 1,200 jobs.  Not only is this move bringing jobs to 1,200 Detroiters, but it is bringing 1,200 high tech “green jobs.”  It is bringing the kind of jobs that will help to position Metro Detroit within the growing “New Economy” that is sure to spur future job growth in the region.  Another step in the right direction.

Cobo Again

Also in the news today is a report that the Michigan Legislature passed the modified deal for the renovation and expansion of Cobo Hall.  The deal is now headed to the hands of the Detroit City Council for a vote.  The modified deal will provide the regional authority with a 30 year lease on the property, thereby (hopeful) addressing the concerns of City Council members that the City was giving up to0 much for too little.  The new deal also provides that Mayor Bing has the authority to veto the City Council’s vote if they have a repeat of the last disastrous vote.  The City Council would then have to achieve a 6-3 vote to overturn the Mayor’s veto.  However, the Mayor is hopeful that no such veto power will be necessary as he claims to have the votes needed to pass the matter. 

All in all the Headlines were good for Detroit today.  All we have to do now is make good on the opportunities presented by them.


~ by rmkasak on June 26, 2009.

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