Spring Cleaning!

I know spring is still a few weeks away, so this post may be early.  That said, for the past several months I cannot get over the feeling that the City of Detroit has been undergoing a Spring Cleaning of sorts.  Since the ouster of Kwame and Conyers it feels like we are throwing away the useless items we accumulated over the last several decades and scrubbing the City clean of old habits and bad decisions. 

With the election of Dave Bing, a new City Council, the talk of “right-sizing” the City, Robert Bobb’s tough actions with the Detroit Public Schools, citizen efforts (e.g. the Detroit Declaration, etc.) and the host of other activities occurring in the City, it just feels like the City is awaking from a long winter slumber and getting moving.  Will transit rescue the City…no. Will Dan Gilbert rescue the City…no. No one thing will, but it all makes a difference.

Will all of the positive things lead to a cleaner, safer, more vibrant Detroit? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, it feels good to see things changing for the better. It feels good knowing that there are what appears to be competent people at the steering wheel.  It feels good to be a Detroiter!


~ by rmkasak on March 10, 2010.

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