Farewell Ernie

Bye-Bye Baseball

Last night, as we all know, Detroit, Michigan, and the World lost an amazing example of all the greatest characteristics of humanity one man can embody. Ernie will be greatly missed by many.

What He Meant To Me:

Ernie was a glue. Some of my earliest memories are of me sitting on my father’s lap, cold lemonade in hand, watching the Tiger’s game with the volume turned off and Ernie Harwell’s voice over the radio. The love my father felt for me during those times was undeniable and visa versa. However, as I grew older and more rebellious the relationship between my father and I deteriorated and a great rift grew between us. During those years, one of the few memories that helped to keep me bonded to my father was the taste of that lemonade and the sound of Ernie’s voice. Every time I heard his voice during those years of conflict, I could recall my father’s love. This is what Ernie was to me, one story of millions floating around Detroit, Michigan and no doubt the Country today. God Bless you Mr. Harwell. Share your memories in a comment.


~ by rmkasak on May 5, 2010.

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