Links Re: Detroit

One of the best sites on the web for keeping up with things going down in Detroit.  The site includes information ranging from references to Detroit in local and national media to providing status updates of economic development within the City.  If you are interested in Detroit and have not been to this site you are missing out.

The City of Detroit website has undergone a major facelift in recent history making it much more navigable, user-friendly and visually appealing. 

For visitors and locals alike, the Visit Detroit website provides an invaluable list of things to do and see in Metro Detroit.  Check it out and you are sure to find something new to do on a free weekend.

Speaking of things to do, Do Detroit is a relatively new site providing information pertaining to all aspects of living in and around the City.  The site includes an abundance of info and it seems that more is being added every week. 

The Downtown Detroit Partnership has done  a lot to improve the Downtown experience.  Its website provides information and links to help you find all the info you need about the Downtown District. 

Create Detroit

City Living Detroit

Transportation Riders United

Cityscape Detroit

Detroit Renaissance

Detroit Riverfront Conservatory

Detroit Synergy


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